From Hebron, to Australia, for Palestine

من الخليل إلى أستراليا لفلسطين

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من الخليل إلى أستراليا لفلسطين

From Hebron, to Australia, for Palestine

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Latest Update

September 2023: New stocks have arrived.

Now is the time to buy that kufiya you have been wanting! New stock has just arrived and we now have a huge range to choose from. From the traditional Black and White, the ever popular Palestinian Flag kufiya, to Gaza or one of the newer  models like Mandela – they’re all available.

Remember kufiyas are just as good to wear in spring and summer as they are in winter! They keep you cool, provide sun protection, warm you in the evening, and look great. Plus, you get the good feeling of wearing your solidarity and supporting a free Palestine.

July 2023: From the 1 July the price of kufiyas will rise to $40. We have needed to increase the price for several reasons. Firstly, the cost of shipping has been skyrocketing – it now costs more than $6 per kufiya to Australia. This has squeezed how much money we can donate to Palestinians’ struggle for human rights and justice. Please also note that AusPost has increased postal charges.

Kufiyas Australia is a wholly volunteer run organisation and 100% of all our profits are donated to support Palestinians and their struggle for freedom. Secondly, the price increase will enable more support to go to Palestinian causes and advocacy. The election of Israel’s most right-wing government ever has meant the situation for Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza continues to deteriorate, with increased deaths from military and settler attacks on villages and towns and a huge expansion in settlements.

This makes supporting projects in Palestine – from supporting women farmers and orphans in Gaza, to legal support for detained children, and community building work in refugee camps, even more important.

And thirdly, while the situation on the ground in Palestine is deteriorating around the world, support for justice for Palestinians is growing, including here in Australia.  We therefore also aim to support advocacy for Palestine here in Australia. This is important now that we have a federal government with at least some commitment to recognise the state of Palestine, although it is a long time coming.

In selling Hirbawi kufiyas in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand we directly support the only remaining kufiya production in Palestine, ensuring not only their economic viability but also the maintenance of an important cultural symbol of Palestine.

So far, we have raised $30,000 to support these projects and advocacy, and with your continuing support we will be able to continue to financially support Palestinian advocacy and human rights.

In solidarity

Kufiyas Australia

May 2023: Hundreds of kufiyas here now!

At last, our new stocks have arrived and are now available on the website. Classic traditional black & white, old and new favourites, all available again. Two new models – Akka and Sheikh Jarrah –  both named after significant Palestinian towns.

Buy now for a warm body and a warm heart!

May 2023: New Stock coming

Apologies for the limited stock available at present. We have a big shipment on its way, but it was held up by Israel Post for several weeks. Hopefully, plenty of new kufiyas will be available before the end of the month. Keep an eye out for two new models as well as supplies of Traditional Black and White and the ever popular Gaza and many others.

Just in time for winter, keep yourself warm and looking good, as well as making a statement of solidarity.

January 2023: As Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza come under sustained attack from the new ultra right Israeli government what better way to start the new year than showing your support for Palestine.

Buying Hirbawi kufiyas demonstrates your support for justice in Palestine, raises much needed funds to support Palestinian development and human rights, and supports the last remaining factory producing them in Palestine.  We donate money to organisations working in Gaza and the West Bank, as well as to advocacy groups working in Australia. Your purchases have enabled us to donate $27,000 to support Palestine.

Thank you for your continuing support.

We are a 100% volunteer run, not for-profit organisation, supporting Palestinian industry, awareness and human rights.

Kufiyas (keffiyehs) are the symbol of Palestinian resistance and their fight for justice.

A kufiya will keep you warm in the winter and cool in summer. Kufiyas now come in a large range of designs, from the traditional black and white to colourful modern designs.

We have been importing kufiyas from the last remaining factory in Palestine since 2015. The sales support the Hirbawi weavery in Hebron and ALL the proceeds are donated to support Palestinian human rights. All proceeds go to support projects in Gaza and the West Bank (via Apheda, Olive Kids and Defense of Children Palestine) and to solidarity organisations in Australia, such as the Australian Palestine Advocacy Network (APAN).

A wide range of designs

Shop our wide range of kufiyas, various patterns and colours to suit all tastes.

  • $40.00

    In an attempt to produce Alquds Kufiya we used the wrong yarn and this charming Kufiya was the result.

    But, as we refuse all kinds of political attempts to substitute Alquds (Jerusalem) with the city of Abu Dis, we will not accept it on ourselves to dub this Kufiya with the name Alquds. Instead, we call it Abu Dis. Named after an ancient Palestinian city located in close proximity to the city of Jerusalem. It is charming and beautiful, but clearly and in plain sight, Abu Dis is not our Alquds!

  • Back in Stock Back in Stock

    Blue pattern on yellow background and light blue frame

  • $40.00

    Coffee berries red on roasted coffee beans brown. A very refreshing Kufiya!

  • $40.00

    A tribute to the Palestinian village of Kaubar, between Ramallah and Jerusalem, which is famous for its beautiful olive groves.

    Olive green and white pattern on white background.

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