From Hebron, to Australia, for Palestine

من الخليل إلى أستراليا لفلسطين

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من الخليل إلى أستراليا لفلسطين

From Hebron, to Australia, for Palestine

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20 November

Dear Friends

We have just heard from the Hirbawi weavery in Hebron with news that it will be some weeks before they are back in full production. They have run out of thread and are trying to find ways to import it via Jordan. This is made very difficult because most land transport has been stopped in the West Bank and between the West Bank and Jordan.

We will let you know when new stock is on the way, by posting on our Instagram page and here.

Your support for Palestine at this time is appreciated and we are of course disappointed that we can’t supply the overwhelming demand from you to show your support for equality and human rights for every Palestinian. This is another example of the many ways in which Israel controls and restricts Palestinians, even in industry, and that the current attacks are not only in Gaza, but also in the West Bank.

Please keep up your actions to support a ceasefire by attending rallies, lobbying your MPs and talking to your friends and family about Israel’s attacks on Gaza and the West Bank.

Free Free Palestine!


 On Monday 6 November we received our latest shipment of 450 kufiyas, and two days later, due to an outpouring of support and solidarity, we have again sold out! We have more on order, but movement restrictions in the West Bank and threatening behaviour by Israeli settlers around Hebron is making it difficult for many of the weavery workers to get to work. Hence as well as massive worldwide demand, production is still happening at a reduced rate.

Although we have more stock on order, we don’t know when it will arrive – but rest assured as soon as it does we will let you know. If you want to go on our waiting list, please send us an email.

In the meantime please keep up your activism and solidarity for Palestine. There are rallies and actions happening all over the country – and if they are not happening in your area think about creating an action. Write to your local politician or write a personalised email to them, write to your local or state newspaper, if you belong to a union urge them to become active.

You can also contribute financially – to the Australia Palestine Advocacy Network (APAN) for advocacy or to Olive Kids, APHEDA or Medical Aid for Palestine for humanitarian donations.

Ceasefire NOW!    End the siege of Gaza!     End the Occupation!

Yours in solidarity

Bruce and Brian





At last, we have new stock, however it is limited in number and design. A worldwide outpouring of support and solidarity for Palestine has led to a massive spike in sales. While the horror of Israel’s attacks continues in Gaza, Israel is also tightening its control over the West Bank, so movement is highly restricted, and settlers are being even more threatening than usual. This means that many of the Hirbawi weavery’s staff are unable to get to work, so production of kufiyas is limited.

We may not have your favourite design, but we hope you will still find a kufiya to suit and wear proudly and in solidarity. We have ordered further stock, but we don’t know when it will arrive. We will let you know as soon as the new stock is close. In the meantime, we will do our best to get your orders posted to you as quickly as possible.

Thanks for your understanding and continuing support.

Free, Free Palestine

Brian & Bruce

Out of Stock!

BUT you can still show your support for Palestine by making a donation for emergency aid and supplies. We suggest two organisations that are well regarded and work in Gaza:

  1. Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) is a British based charity that provides immediate medical aid and longer term health development for Palestinians living under occupation. They are already releasing essential supplies for hospitals in Gaza. They have launched a Gaza Emergency Appeal.
  2. Olive Kids  is an Australian charity that supports orphan and other disadvantaged Palestinian children. They have launched an emergency appeal for medical supplies, generator fuel, blankets and food packages for displaced families in Gaza. Donations to Olive Kids are tax deductible.

And please join Australia Palestine Advocacy Network (APAN)’s action to demand that our politicians speak up for Palestinians and call for an immediate ceasefire

We are awaiting news of when new stock will arrive as the West Bank is locked down and checkpoints closed. If you would like to be notified when we are restocked, just send us an email.


19 October 2023

We are deeply saddened and distressed to see the cycle of death and destruction in Gaza ramp up yet again, knowing that it is costing the lives and wellbeing of so many. We send our love and thoughts to those who have lost loved ones, who have been hurt, or impacted by Israel’s attacks.


As part of the outpouring of solidarity and concern for Palestine, and Gaza in particular, we have been inundated with kufiya orders. We have processed almost as many orders in the last 10 days as we did for all of 2022. Unfortunately, this means we are now completely out of stock. Israel is currently not allowing kufiyas to be shipped out of Hebron so we cannot tell you when new stock will arrive, but when it does we will let you know.

Recent sales have meant we have been able to donate another $6,000 to organisations working to alleviate the suffering and tackle the underlying issues including Olive Kids, Medical Aid for Palestinians (UK), APHEDA, Defense of Children Palestine (USA), Australia Palestine Advocacy Network (APAN) and Free Palestine Melbourne. These are all good organisations to support.

Contact your politicians demanding they speak up for Palestinians and an immediate holt to Israel’s attacks at

We are awaiting news of when new stock will arrive. If you would like to be notified when we are restocked, just send us an email.

Please take care of yourselves and loved ones at this time. Wear your kufiya proudly and Free, Free Palestine!

September 2023: New stocks have arrived.

Now is the time to buy that kufiya you have been wanting! New stock has just arrived and we now have a huge range to choose from. From the traditional Black and White, the ever popular Palestinian Flag kufiya, to Gaza or one of the newer  models like Mandela – they’re all available.

Remember kufiyas are just as good to wear in spring and summer as they are in winter! They keep you cool, provide sun protection, warm you in the evening, and look great. Plus, you get the good feeling of wearing your solidarity and supporting a free Palestine.

We are a 100% volunteer run, not for-profit organisation, supporting Palestinian industry, awareness and human rights.

Kufiyas (keffiyehs) are the symbol of Palestinian resistance and their fight for justice.

A kufiya will keep you warm in the winter and cool in summer. Kufiyas now come in a large range of designs, from the traditional black and white to colourful modern designs.

We have been importing kufiyas from the last remaining factory in Palestine since 2015. The sales support the Hirbawi weavery in Hebron and ALL the proceeds are donated to support Palestinian human rights. All proceeds go to support projects in Gaza and the West Bank (via Apheda, Olive Kids and Defense of Children Palestine) and to solidarity organisations in Australia, such as the Australian Palestine Advocacy Network (APAN).

A wide range of designs

Shop our wide range of kufiyas, various patterns and colours to suit all tastes.

  • Out of Stock

    In an attempt to produce Alquds Kufiya we used the wrong yarn and this charming Kufiya was the result.

    But, as we refuse all kinds of political attempts to substitute Alquds (Jerusalem) with the city of Abu Dis, we will not accept it on ourselves to dub this Kufiya with the name Alquds. Instead, we call it Abu Dis. Named after an ancient Palestinian city located in close proximity to the city of Jerusalem. It is charming and beautiful, but clearly and in plain sight, Abu Dis is not our Alquds!

  • Out of Stock

    Blue pattern on yellow background and light blue frame

  • Out of Stock

    Coffee berries red on roasted coffee beans brown. A very refreshing Kufiya!

  • Out of Stock

    A tribute to the Palestinian village of Kaubar, between Ramallah and Jerusalem, which is famous for its beautiful olive groves.

    Olive green and white pattern on white background.

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